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60 Seconds Check Before Every Ride Cycling Check How-To

In this article, I’m going to show top 4 things to check before every ride I follow personally. It will be the quick 60-second road bike check before every ride. This quick road bike checklist will help you be safe on the road, keep your bike in perfect condition and reduce wear of the components.

People who have bikes want simply jump on and start pedaling. But we shouldn’t forget about important factors like safety. Road bike in perfect working condition will increase your performance and won’t fail at the crucial moment.

It will take you less than 60 seconds, and just require a visual inspection of your bike’s main components.

How To Check Road Bike Bolts Tire Tyre Pressure

Tire pressure

All tires leak air over time. It’s recommended to pump your tires before every ride.
Examine your tire for any defects or cracks. Especially make sure there are no shards of glass. Remove them carefully. {Note! Be careful with your eyes and use your bike glasses when removing the glass. } You can use your tweezers, screwdriver or similar tools.


All you have to do is to give the wheel a spin and check there is no rub between your rim and brake pads.

60 Seconds Check Before Every Ride Cycling Bicycle Roadbike Check Brakes


Press your front and rear brake lever to stop the wheel. If there is a spongy feel, it can be signs of cables that need changing or worn out brake pads. Think about leaving your bike at home today. You still can ride your bike but be careful. Brake earlier. Replacing this parts will take some time, and you probably have to buy the new parts. Show some love to your bike and replace it when you get back home.

60 Seconds Check Before Every Ride Cycling Bicycle Roadbike Check Visual Inspection Frame

Overall visual inspection

Check for any possible frame damages, cracks, and scratches.


Ok. We are ready to go now. It’s good to develop the habit by making 60 sec simple bike checks before you ride a bike. This will avoid any frustration, and your lovely road bike will keep you smiling every time you go for a ride.

Please let me know what do you check before every ride in the comments below and share your experience from the real life situations. If this bike check takes even less for you, I would be happy to hear about it too 😉

Don’t forget to take a look at 7 Essential Things to Check Before Your First Ride. Thank you so much. Enjoy cycling and I will see you next time!