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Sigma Bike Computer Pros & Cons After Using 5 Years of ROX 10 GPS

I ride with ROX 10 GPS bike computer five years, that is why know this device very well. Till this moment this model stays one of top Sigma cycle computers. Some Information will be actual for newer models ROX 11, ROX 12 and other too.
I chose this model at that time because I used a primary bike computer from Sigma which worked perfect, but I wanted more riding information and power data. ROX 10 GPS has an internal power meter.

How power feature works and more about key moments using ROX 10 GPS.

Let’s start with the integrated power meter.

Integrated Power calculator

Sigma included formula into the device, which calculates power in watts based on speed, gradient, acceleration and riders physical parameters. The integrated power meter has few scenarios: race drop, race hoods, mountain bike, through bike settings. The difference between them is watts value. I cheated all of them and chose Mountain bike settings, which was closest to me.

Using an integrated power meter, you should be constant. It means you should go in the same position and choose roads for a two way trip (headwind, tailwind) for getting the best average. In general, it calculates power, like some online bike calculators. Power values don’t take seriously. All software like Strava understand power measures and will show it in their analytic graphs. Now I have the real power meter, and this feature became unnecessary.

Now about other points of ROX 10 GPS, which essential for me.

Sigma Bike Computer ROX 10 GPS Speed jumps Strava


  1. File size. Ride data initially recorded in the SIF file, which is big. Comparing with GPX, SIF is about 13 times bigger. Loading file to different software and servers, space uses not optimally.
  2. Computer Memory size. Memory size for 1-second recording interval works only for 8-hour rides. For example, old Garmin 500 records 180 hours with the same range. It is annoying after a few trips, delete previous rides from the computer. ROX 11 memory increased only five times, on ROX 12 memory extended with MicroSD.
  3. Wheel size detection. This device does not automate the wheel diameter detection. Sigma advice diameter table, but using it not completely correct. It has radius data for standard tires, but not for my tire pressure and weight. I used additionally two other calibrated sourced for the same route, for finding proper wheel size on ROX10. Using offered table distance and speed will be more than real for about 3 % higher. I didn’t find the information that radius detection, integrated into ROX 11 and ROX 12.
  4. Speed jumps on Strava. This question about complete compatibility between Sigma device and Strava service. Strava receives information about the ride from Sigma software, which Strava recalculate according to own formulas. As a result, some records incompatibility and speed jumps. It is not influenced into average speed, but only for maximum speeds and analytics look. This bug directly connected with Strava updates, this problem just started in 2018, and I hope it can be solved with the next updates.
  5. An indoor workout is not available on this computer. ROX 10 doesn’t have this feature. Necessary to use other devices like Tablets for creating time intervals.
  6. User Manuals are not complete. The manufacturer doesn’t like making user manuals. For example, it doesn’t include simple information how to switch-on backlights, or where and how to reset Altitude before a ride. All functions and screens should be described. Hope Sigma will take attention to documentation preparation.
  7. ANT signal drops. Connected through ANT, power meter loses signal with the computer for a few seconds. It happens for about three times per 20 miles (30 km) on my route.
  8. The plastic of the computer mount is wearing out. Very soon my ROX will fall out of the mount on some bumpy road. Now I have about 900 times of “ins” and “outs”.

Sigma Bike Computer ROX 10 GPS Road Bike Cycling


  1. Responsive device. I like it very much. I saw some modern bike computers from the top brands that overthink and heart rate data do not drop as fast as it should, only after some time the device makes a significant drop to the proper value. ROX 10 GPS show all data correctly, as it changes.
  2. Battery life. Battery works well for me. It stays charged for a few months without losing energy. After my rides, the battery doesn’t go lower than 80% percent.
  3. Accessories. You have all necessary accessories for this device provided by cycling computer manufacturer.
  4. Software. I like that Sigma created own ecosystem, which works on different platforms MAC, PC, mobiles, and tablets for sharing information through Sigma Cloud. It is not ideal, but they did a big job. I think that Sigma ecosystem positioned between 3 best in the World.
  5. Quality. This bike computer works as was designed. All buttons and backlight are working without any problem.
  6. Support. It was responsive any time when I contacted. My questions were unordinary that is why Sigma team require time for research.

Sigma produces quality products with the helpful support team. Of Course, ROX 10 not perfect and require some features upgrade. Hope they will solve the mentioned points and will produce the best products.

Thank you so much. Check more videos and don’t forget to subscribe to Youtube RoadBikeBros channel. Your support is much appreciated. Enjoy cycling, and I will see you next time!