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How To Cross Railroad Tracks On A Road Bike

Crossing railroad you can be surprised to be on the ground, that is why I hope that you are reading this article before falling, but not after.

Crossing railroad tracks sometimes can be a challenge even for experienced riders. Your wheel can stuck between the rails and the pavement, but in wet weather conditions, rails become even more dangerous. Because your tire may lose contact with rails surface and as a result, you may crash and do serious damage to yourself, your expensive road bike or equipment. But you will avoid this situation if you will use simple advice I follow personally when I cross the railroad track.

In this article, I will show how to ride across railroad tracks safely and will show some common mistakes to avoid. Mostly there are two types of railroad crossings. When tracks are perpendicular or when the tracks are at an angle.

Perpendicular Railroad Tracks

With perpendicular railroad tracks, everything is easy. Everything you should do is to go straight to the direction you are going. Choose the correct speed not just because it’s safer, but usually crossings are old, bumpy and not in good condition.

How To Cross Perpendicular Railroad Tracks On A Road Bike

The Correct Way How To Cross Perpendicular Railroad Tracks

  • Slow down and make sure there are no trains coming.
  • Go straight and don’t turn the front wheel.
  • Hold the handlebar firmly.
  • Stand up. This will help to absorb the bumps.
  • Don’t pedal while crossing the railroad.

Railroad Tracks At An Angle

This tracks which require your attention. You should be careful especially in wet weather conditions. Rails become slippery, and wheels can easily slide out from under you. All you have to do is to make sure you don’t cross them at the same angle of the rails, and you don’t go parallel with the tracks. In this situation, I always make “S” maneuver which helps me safely cross the railroad.

“S” maneuver/method, when you are trying to ride slightly to the right/left (depends on the situation and rails direction) so you can cross the rails at a perpendicular (90 degrees) angle. There is one downside of this method. You have to be very careful with traffic behind you. Make sure drivers see you.

The Correct Way How To Cross Railroad Tracks At An Angle

  • Slow down.
  • Use “S” method. Make sure there is no cars behind you or drivers see you.
  • Keep you both hands on the handlebar
  • Stand up.
  • Stop pedaling.

How To Cross Railroad Tracks At An Angle On A Road Bike


When you are approaching the railroad track, remember to decrease your speed. If you cross them slowly, it would be the most effective and safest way. Then take a look if it is safe to cross the railroad and always cross the rails in a perpendicular (or close to this angle) bike position to the tracks.

Hope this advice will help you cross tracks safely, confidently and comfortably. Don’t forget to share this article and like our Facebook page. Thank you so much and enjoy cycling!